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The Silent Enemy Of Your Home – How To Get Rid Of Moths

When you do not know how to get rid of moths, it is important to better understand why! Moths join other nasty creatures that invade our home against our will and that we can not escape as quickly as we want to regain our peace so necessary home. Housing moths are divided into two categories, both as stressful: moths that attack food and textiles attack others, especially those containing wool, fur, but sometimes silk and other textiles.

If you have problems with moths in room or kitchen, you probably are dealing with Indian meal moths or the Mediterranean flour. If your clothes are under moth, moth fight either that nestles in textiles. Some moths But as brown house moth will spoil you with great joy and clothes but will attack and food.

How these predators get to our homes?

Most often they have entered the house through contaminated food or clothing dry. It is, therefore, a good idea to inspect all areas of the room where you keep things stored and clothes worn. However, it is advisable to avoid to have boxes stored rice, nuts or cereal in the kitchen.

The moles of the living being flat can be placed higher, such as birds or rodents. Moth larvae reach the hair or their feathers and moth larvae can be taken from grains or nuts that they find and bring their offspring to feed them. Search carefully darkest corners of your home.

In this article, I will show you how to get rid of moths but also prevent future infestations using safe and proven strategies.

Use pheromone traps to get rid of moths

They appeared commercially in recent years a variety of traps for moths. Tip: Place them in abundance in infested areas and watch the moths come to the cemetery sticky. While most moths succumb to these traps are, however, some species of moths that react to specific feromons. If you know exactly the type of moths that attack your home, you can place traps dedicated to them. However, the traps that say they are moth apartment or clothes moths usually contain pheromones to attract the necessary majority in each species category.

Vacuum often to get rid of moths

Regular and vigorous vacuuming the house is essential when you do not know how to get rid of moths. Even if properly store food and clothes moth larvae infesting the environment and can survive the crumbs, pet hair or man, death or other small insects such nonsense that you did not think. Besides the fact that they reduce “food” available, vacuuming is great for catching moths moth larvae mature and snatch difficult to see in carpets, textiles or hard to reach places.

Use extreme temperatures to get rid of moths

Clothes moths and their eggs are destroyed easily using a freezer. Put infested products in a plastic bag, removing as much air between them can before closing the bag clothes. After four days, cold from the freezer will kill all the eggs, larvae and pupae of moths. Just make sure the clothes to warm a bit before removing them from the plastic bag. Also, and heat and agitation caused by an iron or a drying machine will destroy most moth larvae.

Maintain low humidity to control moths

House mites live well in the wet. If your home is in relative humidity, the moths will eat, will reproduce and develop into the alarming rate. But using an air conditioner or a dehumidifier can lower humidity levels below 50% or below. This will create an unfriendly environment for moths and other insects as unpleasant. You can measure the humidity with a specific apparatus which is found in any food store.

Seal hiding places for mites using silicone

Moths house many manage to escape our attempts to kill them because they hide in all kinds of cracks and fissures in the room that you think not. If you remove these hideouts, moth population dropped considerably and increase your chances of your home as eggs, larvae, and moths even be killed by your vacuum cleaner, traps placed everywhere and use any tactic. Whether in the kitchen, living room, closet, and stop looking (silicone or other) cracks or crevices in the floor tiles, the joint between wall and floor and so on.

Store food properly to control the moth invasion

To protect your food regardless of future infestations as paper or thin plastic boxes or cartons will NOT hold off. Jars or containers to be closed with flaps and rubber seals that are the best. Hard plastic containers also do their job well. The refrigerator and freezer are also safe places against Internet moths. While they have eaten, many people in the refrigerator keep everything that is necessary for living in terms of food, leaving nothing in closets at their fingertips. If you think a product has not eaten but in doubt, put it in a bag in the freezer for four days, seal it with scotch and so you know they killed all the larvae.

If you are in the pantry moth, you should start a campaign to throw things. Discard any food that you are not sure or not infected. Look for any trace of colored sand that can indicate moth larvae and form lumps in products like flour. Throw all. Then clean the area with soap and water that infected and overall aspire.

Store perfectly the clothes for moth control over them

Clothes moths need more than keratin found in textiles that can survive. They need to hide need dead skin, sweat, urine spots to fill their nutritional needs and produce generations of moths. It is, therefore, vital to keep clothes on the wire wool to clean moths do not give them the opportunity to grow.

For those who do not wear clothes a certain season or those who no longer wear must be stored properly as follows:

Before you deposit a coat long time, make sure it has no moth larvae or eggs, or will you close your enemies Nirvana forever. Stock you need something that is an insurmountable barrier for mites. For example, thick and strong garbage bags are good if they are finally closed with scotch tape after filling his clothes. There are also plastic containers for clothes to be placed under the bed but those must be sealed with Scotch-round in the cap. Shops and museums professionals pack items stored in thick wrapping paper and scotch missing edges. Whatever method you choose, make sure you shake them, brushing or vent before using them again.

How to get rid of moths by natural methods

How to get rid of moths but with no chemicals?

Here are some tips that will help you:

Use natural traps for moths, not chemical traps. Traditional moth traps containing naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene are toxic to moths but also for people. Instead of impregnating your clothes smell these chemicals, try a natural trap against moths. Pieces of wood cider or cider bag impregnated with oil are excellent for storing and storing clothes moth sensitive to longer term. Another option is natural camphor. Moli room and closet can try to place in various places essential oil of eucalyptus, bay leaf, black pepper and cinnamon and moths food to put in place to place pieces of lemon dry to give a smell they do not support it.

Your house barricaded against moths. Moth, edges or ends of wooden doors wooden windows are like a neon attractive. Put protective strips at the edges of doors, put silicone in the cracks of wood and wood generally any place where they can make their home and can feed.

Create your own trap against moths

If you put down normal traps against moths and other insects crawling around corners, along walls, cabinets and shelves will catch moth larvae and offspring. But you need to make traps to catch and adult moths. You’ll need sticky paper, a piece of cotton wool and fish oil (from canned tuna). Wool soaked in fish oil and stick it on paper tape. Then also place 2-3 traps in the pantry or in places like the edge of the wall or cabinets.

Other natural ingredients traps are:

– Place the type of food moths prefer it on adhesive paper and put them in strategic places.

– Put 1 part of boric acid and 3 parts maize; mix them and put in the paste on food jars lids and place them strategically on stored food.

– Decorate your home, pantry, closet and window edges with beautiful bouquets of lavender, making sure that you have included tails and flowers bouquet.

Image Credits: Yorkshire Moths

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