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10 Cleaning Methods For What Seems Impossible To Clean

Nobody likes to clean, but we all get involved to have a clean and healthy lifestyle.

I believe that in this time of economic crisis, we can clean efficiently and we must do these things ourselves.

I present you 11 ways to clean what you have been entrusted professionals until now.

1. The car seats

Dry cleaning costs us. Just prepare a soap solution with the addition of vinegar and baking soda. Take a hard brush and get to work. It is quite easy and efficient.

2. The frames of the windows

For starters, sprinkle baking soda fully with the debris. Then pour over the vinegar and wait until the mixture begins to bubble. Using an old toothbrush or cotton swab wipe the dirt, then wipe the cleaned places with a damp cloth.

3. The washing machine

Washing machine operates regularly, and then certainly you know that with time machine washed clothes start to come out of an unpleasant smell, like musty. To get rid of this problem, set the washing machine to wash a long regime and put a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

4. The joints of earthenware

The house can be clean, but due to the tile joints may seem backwards. To clean the joints, take a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, you can also add soap. You can also clean the bathtub in just 10 minutes using this method.

5. Microfiber Sofa

First try to clean the couch with alcohol, then with distilled water. You won’t get these results with plain water and the couch will remain unsightly blemishes. Cleaning principle is as follows: first moisten with alcohol, then scrub with a stiff brush and dry.

6. Comb

Simply dip the comb in hot water with a solution of sodium bicarbonate.

7. Dust on vents

Use an old brush cosmetic to get where vacuum fails.

8. Uncomfortable decorative bottles

Decorative bottles are a real test for any housewife. Take a little salt, a little soap and warm water. Mix the solution, pour it into the dirty glass and shake it well several times. The process can be repeated several times.

9. Burned dishes

In this case, it helps a solution of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. With little effort you get the expected results.

10. Traces of marker on the floor

If your children learn to write, then you often encounter this problem. The solution is toothpaste. Put a little toothpaste on the trail of the marker and leave a few minutes and then wipe with a cloth.

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