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10 Tips For A Clean Bathroom

Most germs are hiding in the bathroom of the house. It is therefore very important to keep cleaning the bathroom to disinfect and to ventilate regularly.

Here are some tricks to keep the bathroom clean month.

– Before you start cleaning take a damp cloth or sponge and collect hairs from the sink, the bathtub or the tiles.

– Remember that it is better to start cleaning from top to bottom and from ceiling to floor. To get rid of pathogenic microorganisms clean the cabinets, mirrors, tiles, faucets, sink, tub, toilet and finally the tiles.

– Traces of soap on the tiles and sink can be removed easily with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

– Pay special attention to the cupboard with cosmetics because it is a place where germs can easily develop. Wash and clean regular deodorants and cosmetics containers you use daily.

– In case you have glued stickers on the tiles of the bathroom cabinets, you can remove them easier warming them very well with a hair dryer before loosen them.

– No matter what solution you use for cleaning sanitary items, let it work for several minutes to be effective.

– Do not forget the handle on the bathroom door, another source of infection.

– Batteries from the sink or shower, can be cleaned well … with toothpaste. Clear subsequently toothpaste with a cloth soaked in vinegar and they will shine.

– In the event that your sink or tub is stained, cover them with towels soaked in vinegar and let them work for several tens of minutes. Do not forget to protect your hands with gloves and eventually you can wear a mask.

– If the shower head is rust and with stone that cannot be removed leave it to soak overnight in a vinegar baking soda-based solution. If we speak of a fixed head shower, fill a plastic bag with this solution and then tie a shower so that it is fully covered.

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