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5 Tips On How To Clean Your Carpet

Carpets gather dust mites, micro-organisms, hairs, leftovers. If not vacuumed and cleaned often, it can be a real source of illness.

Look what you can do to protect your health!

Sweeps and vacuum

Before starting the actual work, you must know that carpet should be swept and vacuumed very well. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner that works with water. Thus, the dust will not be absorbed and removed into the room again. But if you do not have such a vacuum cleaner, you should be very careful with the bag that collects dust. It should be disposable or, if not, it should at least be very clean.

Comb it carefully

Carpets, after being sucked and airy, should be dipped in a solution of water and vinegar with a special brush comb. During brushing, it will remove lint and hairs that were trapped between the fibers of the fabric. Moreover, the carpet will become soft and fluffy; its color will be stronger. Through brushing, fibers won’t blunt nor thin. Careful! Do not rub too strong to not destroy the fabric!

Clean it with cabbage

How to have a refreshing color? You could achieve this using half of fresh cabbage. Rub well the carpet with half a fresh cabbage insisting in areas that have lost their luster. Carpet appearance tern will disappear, leaving behind vivid colors.

Coarse salt refreshes colors

Salt is also used for successfully refreshment colors. Sprinkle coarse salt on wet carpet and leave it for half an hour. Then brush the carpet using a special brush. The last step? Vacuum the carpet very well! The salt will disappear leaving refreshed colors.

Baking soda removes stale smell

Ssometimes there is an odor of stale. Sprinkle baking soda over it and leave it for half an hour. Then vacuum well!

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