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5 Uses Of Cucumber For Your House

Cucumber is very popular because it can be found all year and is extremely delicious. It is never missing from any of salad and certainly you have used at least once in a cosmetic treatment.

However, it is time for you to know 5 less known uses of cucumbers for your home and garden.

1. Cucumber wards off snails

Cucumber gets you rid of snails that appear in your yard. Put in a container of aluminum a few slices of cucumber and leave them in a corner of your garden. The chemicals from this vegetable react in contact with aluminum and release an odor that are detected by the snails and ward them off.

2. To get rid of steam from the bathroom mirror

After each bath or shower you are dealing with a steamed mirror. In this case, you should know that you can easily avoid this problem, wiping mirror surface with a slice of cucumber, which makes steam disappear.

3. Magic Eraser

When you let your children play with pens or markers around the house, the result is less pleasant. Certainly the walls, office or various objects in your house get to be scribbled with writing instruments. You can easily get rid of unpleasant stains by using this vegetable, you can use it as an eraser.

4. Hinges

You can get rid of doors creak hinges with a few slices, just put a coat of cucumber on them and the effect occurs immediately.

5. Clean your bathroom objects

You can quickly get rid of stains, limestone accumulated, stainless steel objects from bathroom by cleaning them with a slice of cucumber, plus it leaves a bright and shiny appearance.

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