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A Trick To Remember. The Easiest Way To Fix Scratches On Wood

It is impossible to avoid scratching furniture no matter how careful you are. Here are a few simple tricks that can help repair scuffed furniture.

Furniture made of solid wood, oak, or walnut, and especially older furniture, are most likely to be scratched. It could be due to children, pets, or small accidents.

🟨 Scratches that are thin and shallow can be easily covered and removed. A piece of gauze sprinkled with oak bark powder (found in food stores and carpentry workshops) can repair scratched and darkened furniture. Simply rub the gauze on the scratches on the furniture and they’ll disappear in seconds.

For scratches on lighter furniture, white petrolatum or a mixture of 1:1 vinegar and oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, flax oil) can be used.

🟧 The second version is simpler and gives a pleasant scent and extra shine. Sunflower oil, olive oil, or flax oil can also be used to fix scratched walnut furniture. Combine 2 tablespoons of oil with 2 tablespoons of red wine. Using this solution, rub the scratched surface until the traces are completely removed.

Walnuts can be used to remove very small and thin scratches. Walnut kernels are oily, so they will bring back the luster of scratched furniture.

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