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How To Clean Fan Blades In Three Steps

Ceiling fan is an investment in summer, when temperatures can reach high values . Good substitute of the air conditioner, ceiling fan requires regular sanitation to prevent the accumulation of dust and thus the development of pathogens.

Learn right now how you can clean the fan blades in three steps!

What you need to clean a ceiling fan

To effectively clean the ceiling fan, you’ll need a set of tools and cleaning solutions. These are:

– A pillow case;
– White vinegar;
– A stable ladder or chair;
– A soft, clean cloth;
– A vacuum cleaner (optional);
– Essential oil (optional);
– Newspaper.

Cleaning the ceiling fan

Once you have at your fingertips everything you need to sanitize fan blades you can start the cleaning process. Here’s what to do:

1. Start by stopping fan blades, after which pave the device by placing newspapers in areas under immediate area to avoid dust and possible residues of spreading around the room.

2. Next, turning pillow case to gather the dust.

3. Make sure that you are at a height sufficient to achieve these movements, use your clean cloth, on which you spray white vinegar to wipe each fan blade. This method of sanitation should be put into practice once a week.

Once a month, it is important to realize a thorough cleaning of the ceiling fan. Here are the steps:

1. Start by removing any ceiling fan bulbs (after the fan has been turned off and bulbs are not hot).

2. Next, wipe each blade in hand with a pillow case soaked in white vinegar, avoiding applying the product directly on the surface fan (it is recommended that moisture does not get near the engine). Also now you could use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fan blades – but only if you have a device long enough (do not vacuum up the ladder or chair).

3. Clean the motor and the rest of the component ceiling fan, then remove the cover and vacuum or wipe (with a dry cloth) the dust around the engine. Finally, to prevent rapid deposition of dust, you could polish the fan blades with an essential oil. Make sure in advance that the material they are made of such a treatment is suitable.

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