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How To Clean The Glass Inside The Oven

Hands up who has not ever entered the cleaning kitchen oven crisis! Especially if you’re a chef and you know that the deposition of fat and oil do not forgive.

Of housework, no doubt, this is one of the most difficult, but with the help of a few tips, you will learn how to fix it with ease.

Why is it so important to keep the glass clean inside?

Keeping the glass inside the oven clean is important not only to have control over cooked foods, but mainly because dirt and grease may affect the accuracy of preparation and the quality and hygiene of food.

Good habits for a bright oven

Prevention is better than cure, so the oven after each use, it is good to be cleaned quickly. How? Leave the oven door to cool, go with a wet towel over the fat to soften and remove debris. Finally, rinse with water.

What to do to clean the glass effectively inside the oven?

To clean the inside glass, you must remove the oven door.

Open the oven door and lock hinges
Remove the screws and the metal top cover, pulling up.
Finally, remove the glass inner door of the oven for cleaning.
After cleaning, do not forget to reinstall all components in the correct order and release hinges.

The most intractable fat deposits can be removed with the aid of a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate solution (dose: 300 g sodium bicarbonate and 0.10 liters of water) which must be applied to the glass after it has been cleaned with a towel soaked in warm water which helps to more effective removal of dirt.

Distribute the mixture on glass inside the oven and leave it 15 minutes before you remove it with a wet towel. For the glass to shine, apply white vinegar and let it act for 15 minutes.

An oven clean and ready for use

Following our advice, cleaning the oven will require less effort and results will be excellent.

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