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How To Clean Your Microwave In Only 5 Minutes

This method of cleaning the microwave is ideal. In only 5 minutes with the help of these products you will have absolutely your microwave … like new again!

For microwave cleaning you need these ingredients:

1 drop of essential oil (I recommend the lemon flavor)
1 microwave vessel
1 toothpick (optional)

Fill a bowl with water: for 1-2 cups of water you should add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. Add 1 drop of essential oil if you want your microwave to smell different then vinegar. Toothpick also has its purpose: flawless bowls can cause water to mutter until explosion. It’s not serious if that happens, it’s common, but if you want to avoid this, put a toothpick to float above the water. In this way, bubbles will form around it, not causing any explosion.

Put the bowl in the oven for 5 minutes. If you have a very dirty microwave, do not take it out immediately but leave the fumes to act upon another 2-3 minutes.

Be careful when you take out the bowl and glass racks: they will be extremely hot. The support should be washed in the sink, like any normal plate. And with a sponge you can wipe the inside; you’ll see how easy it is to clean it now!

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