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How To Clean Shower Cabin

The bathroom is one room which it is recommended that you clean often. After the toilet, the shower cabin is one of the most commonly used. This leads to stains and traces of soap that, in wet conditions, constitute a favorable environment for microbial growth. Here’s how to maintain a clean shower cabin:

1 Remove the foam after each shower

It is recommended that each time after shower using soap to remove debris from the tub and on the walls of the cabin. For this operation, make use of the shower head and a powerful water jet. Traces of soap are more easily removed immediately after using the shower because once hardened, you need special products for cleaning or an abrasive sponge. In addition, these traces can be a favorable environment for bacteria and microbes.

2 Wash and disinfect the cabin

It is advisable to wash and disinfect shower at least once a week. You can use a solution of warm water and detergent or vinegar or a special substance to glass surfaces commercially available. Use a slightly abrasive sponge for cleaning better and eliminate, wherever possible, the remaining drops of water after rinsing. For this operation you need a rubber scraper or a soft, special glass surfaces.

3 Vent the bathroom

After cleaning the shower, it is very important that air can circulate well in the bathroom. The heat and humidity in combination with water can leave traces, even if those areas have just been cleaned. If your bathroom is equipped with a fan for the bathroom, put it into operation for a few minutes until it will dry cabin.

4 Beware of mold

Correct airing but regular cleaning bath also prevent mildew in the shower. In favorable conditions, molds grow rapidly over the shower or soap holder or sponges. When you notice a hint of mold, remove it with a solution of water and vinegar.

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