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How To Clean Your Stove Burners And Grates

Stove burners and grates, especially for housewives who cook every day, may be soiled so much that we can hardly clean them out. Scouring powder or special solutions to dissolve the grease often prove to be powerless in fighting it, not to mention the time you spend rubbing or brushing covers.

Here’s a simple and effective trick to clean your stove burners grates without rubbing it for hours. I have just came across this method and I certainly saw the amazing effects. It is proved to be the most efficient no-scrub method.

Do you want to get rid of chemicals for cleaning the house and stop having dry hands because of these toxic products? Did you know there was a time when there weren’t so many chemicals in commerce, and yet you could have kept the house clean and bright? This applies to the stove too.

As with any good trick, you do not need expensive tools or any special skill. You take only a ziploc bag that can be closed tightly, liquid ammonia and a little dishwashing detergent.

Put the grill in a bag, then add liquid ammonia, seal the bag and leave it overnight for ammonia to dissolve deposits of hardened oil and grease. But be careful, you don’t need to soak the stove burners and grates in the bag, you just have to put a small amount of ammonia.

How this works? Well, the ammonia fumes will clean the burners.

Finally, take a sponge and with a little detergent wipe any debris from the grill kitchen.

See how amazing this trick could be? Your stove burners and grates will new as ever.

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