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How To Clean Windows Without Traces And Streaks

Inevitably, after you finish cleaning the windows, cleaning that took hours, you notice with amazement that there remained traces and streaks.

If you put into practice a few tricks, then you get the results that only specialists can boast.

It is important to have at hand the tools and the right solutions.

First, do not call the detergent or chlorine-based solutions.

One eco solution is very suitable: vinegar or lemon juice. The formula is: a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice added 0.25 ml water.

The secret to obtain spotless windows is to remove in the first phase the layer of dirt and dust accumulated since the last cleaning.

Using a sponge or a cloth special solution applied on the windows and a scraper removes excess water. No tool will get a better result than a flexible blade.

Take care that the utensils are clean before you use them and also after each use and wipe the squeegee during washing windows so that it does not leave streaks.

Another secret that you need to keep in mind is to avoid washing windows when it’s hot outside or when sunlight come into direct contact with them because of the heat, the windows are prone to scratches.

And that despite all precautionary methods, if there are still traces and streaks, turn to a cotton cloth, dry, or maybe a newspaper.

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