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How To Combat Mildew Smell From The House

Every day you see commercials for Air Fresheners, so you have a choice.

But I want to offer you a few natural tricks to get rid of odors. I have confidence in these due to their natural ingredients.

If you feel mildew smell in the air of the house it is because of closed windows!

However, these are the natural solutions proved to be very efficient:

– Spray 2-3 sprays of vinegar or apple cider vinegar and mildew smell, the smell of smoke kitchen will disappear as if it is magic. It is indicated the use of vinegar instead of chemical odorants especially in homes where people live or are suffering from allergic asthma.
– Put on the corners a few pieces of charcoal barbecue. The charcoal absorbs any odor, and moisture in rooms which were closed for a long time.
– Burn lemon or orange peel, apple slices or tabs.
– Powder sodium bicarbonate on the carpets that smell clogged, leave it one night and then vacuum thoroughly.
– Burn bay leaf or a handful of mint leaves dried to remove moisture and mold smell.
– To get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke and stale tobacco clings somewhere light a candle or a wet sponge. You can cling also 2-3 towels soaked in cold water and squeezed just enough. But the most effective saucers with vinegar are placed on mobile.

For a nicer smell

– Dripping water to wash the floor with a few drops of essential oil of lavender or pine or fir.
– Wipe radiators with water mixed with oil.
– Wipe all light bulbs with a favorite perfume essence swab. Careful! Let them dry completely before switching them on or it will burn.
– Manufacture your decorations containing sticks of vanilla and cinnamon sticks or placed these two spices on a plate or tray effect.

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