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How To Get Rid Of Grease Stains On The Walls

Grease stains on the walls or ceiling are the most obnoxious! But don’t worry; there are a few tricks that would help you with their removal.

These natural methods, proved to be very efficient, will get you rid of the grease stains on the walls.

Besides being unsightly, they are very difficult to remove and often have to paint over them. But here are the secrets; you will find everything in the kitchen, to get rid of unwanted grease stains.


It is the perfect solution for removing those stubborn grease stains that did not have drawn attention from the start or you have not managed to clean. Since we’re talking about washable paint, you will fail to remove grease from surfaces using detergents, as you risk wiping the color on the wall. Not to mention the effect these chemicals would have upon your health.

So the solution is simple and urged: Prepare a hot mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar and rub the area carefully. If you did this already and there remained a stain or shadow, you have to dab it with a dry cloth, not to leave the paint to dry by itself.

Baking soda

It is advisable to use especially on more recently stains, for fast guarantees and efficient cleaning. All you have to do is apply a paste of baking soda composition and water on the surface in question, and then leave it to dry. Your wall will look like new.

The starch

It is good when you have kitchen wallpaper. Apply a paste of cornstarch and water, let dry and you will see how the grease stains will come off easily on the wallpaper.

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