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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

As a makeup artist, I give a big importance to used cosmetic ingredients that are close to their expiration date and take every precaution to clean my makeup brushes.

This includes, first, cleaning and disinfecting all makeup brushes that comes in contact with my skin. Want to learn how to clean makeup brushes?

Here are a few tips you can use.

Given that I work mainly with creamy textures that contain oils or waxes, such as foundation, corrective makeup or creamy lipsticks, proliferation of bacteria is a much greater risk.

You can use olive oil or almond oil to clean makeup brushes

If you have brushes loaded with much makeup (if you have not cleaned it for a long time), you can clean them with a little olive oil, the handiest oil. Pour it on a napkin and then wipe clean the brushes; But do not use too much oil because then the brush will remain oily. Finally, wash brushes with shampoo, rinse them, drain them of excess water and let them dry.

Store brushes in a mini-beauty bag

If you keep makeup brushes, applicators, blending sponges, pencil eyeliner, mascara and more of the beauty in the same bag they will get dirty more quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to have separate mini-beauty bag for them.

Sponges for foundation or powder must be cleaned too

Soak them in a bowl with warm water, put a drop or two of shampoo or liquid soap on them and wash. You will see that one of them will run pretty much color and dirt. After being clean, rinse them well, squeeze them and put them to dry in an airy area. Sponges for applying foundation should change in a few weeks.

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