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How To Remove Unpleasant Odors From The Kitchen

Lemon is one of the most beloved fruit both by children and by adults, and its properties are amazing either for consume of for your home.

Rich in vitamin C, lemon is extremely beneficial for those who are deficient in this vitamin essential to the body, and the antioxidant properties are known by everyone.

There are a few people who know they can use lemon for a different purpose other than the classic one in the kitchen, such as cooking and preparing lemonade and tea.

I want to show you a trick that will help you save money and get rid of products full of chemicals, that are affecting your health.

You need a lemon to be cut it into four pieces.

The next step is to put some salt over it and place it in the middle of the kitchen or in other rooms in the house. This way, odors, bacteria and germs will be eliminated immediately.

Also, if you want to make a good homemade disinfectant, you need the juice of three lemons, salt, liquid soap and water.

Put all ingredients into a bottle and use the obtained solution whenever you need it, for dishes in the kitchen or for bathroom odors removal, for example.

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