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How To Remove Nail Polish Stains. 4 Tricks You Never Thought Of

Usually, stains – from the easiest to the most difficult – are cleaned using detergent, warm water or various natural products such as baking soda or lemon juice. But what do you do about nail polish stains on the clothes, carpet and various items of furniture in the house?

Nail polish stains on wooden objects

The first rule that you have to consider: do not use acetone nail! You will destroy the wood! Nail polish remover will remove it but with it, the surface and its protection. Furthermore, it can leave stains that you will not be able to take off again. Do not panic, because there is a very simple solution and handy! Simply spray on the affected area with hairspray. Allow 20 seconds to act, and then wipe the wood with a soft dry cloth. You may be forced to repeat the operation several times, but finally, nail polish stain will disappear.

Nail polish stains on clothes

It is one of the most common problems that can occur when you make home manicure. Nail polish stains on clothes are removed with solvent, but you must be very careful not to destroy the fabric! Some fabrics do not support acetone – it burns. So, first, take a sample in an area that is not visible. If you cannot use nail remover, try to spray over the stain with hairspray. Then, try clearing nail polish easy.

Nail polish stains on the carpet

If your carpet is open shade (white, cream, beige), use nail remover that does not contain acetone. If the carpet is a darker color and do not have the guts to use acetone, you can try to clean the stain with hairspray hair alcohol. Gently rub the carpet with a clean sponge or paper towels in.

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