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Remove Six Of The Toughest Stains On The Carpet

Because winter will bring, soon, dreary weather, rain and mud, it’s time to learn how to remove six of the toughest stains on the carpet in your home.

Here are some tips on how to clean and how to entertain to keep them as new and as fluffy.

1. Use detergent for traces of chocolate

Did you eat chocolate and it dropped down a bit and was stuck to the carpets fibers? Do not despair! Chocolate or cocoa stains out quickly if you use special detergent to clean the carpet diluted in warm water. Once the stain is gone, dry moistened place with hair dryer at the lowest temperature.

2. Salt thoroughly cleaned

Does carpet or rug seem dusty, colors are deleted, and the look is old? Use coarse salt damp. Put in a bowl and sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt with water. Soak the brush in salt and rub all over the carpet. Then aspire towards. If you do not want to use coarse salt, you can dissolve it in warm water.

3. Raw cabbage for refreshing colors

Buy from the market a medium-sized cabbage and cut it in half. After vacuuming the carpet well, rub it with sprouts all over him, insisting in areas showing colorful patterns.

4. The ink comes out with alcohol

Does you carpet got stained with ink? You should start to absorb the liquid by pressing using a napkin. Carry this out until almost dry place remains. Pour a few drops of alcohol on the stain and rub with a clean brush.

5. Clean the melted wax with iron

Did you stain the carpet with melted wax or chewing gum? Clean it using the iron. For starters, it can eliminate as much of the undesirable substance using a spatula or knife. Then put on the affected area a sheet of white paper and go over it with heated iron. Repeat until the stain disappears altogether.

6. Vinegar removes dirt and smell

Food, drinks, sweets or mud stains however will get cleaned using white vinegar. Besides the fact that carpet will remain as new, vinegar removes any trace of odor. Just vacuuming the carpet and then clean the affected area with a brush dipped in vinegar.

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