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Top 5 Tips To Clean Kitchen Items

Your kitchen items get dirtier with a prolonged usage. Thus, there is important to know these few tips that I personally found to be very efficient to get the shiny and new look back!

Here are top 5 tips to clean your kitchen items as naturally as possible:

1. Clean the pot vinegar

The coffee pot gets clean best with apple cider vinegar. Leave the solution in the kettle several times and then rinse with water. Your kettle will look like new.

2. Clean the grater with potatoes!

If there are leftovers on your metal grater (fat or pieces of fruits and vegetables that you’ve prepared the last time), rub well with pieces of potatoes. The starch will clean the utensil right away.

3. Wash the cups with ice and salt

Put some ice cubes in your cup of coffee and then add two tablespoons of salt. Sticky sugar and coffee will disappear immediately.

4. Clear the meat chopper with sodium bicarbonate

Put baking soda on meat chopper and then wipe it with a damp cloth. You will see that it will become as good as new!

5. Wash crystal glasses with coffee grounds

You can clean crystal glasses with coffee grounds from morning coffee. Add vinegar and water and rinse well with cold water at the end.

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