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6 Natural Methods On How To Get Rid Of Gnats

The summer season brings along the most pleasant things – sun, heat, big vacation beach – and odious things, such as gnats. Their bites leave unsightly reddish bumps on the skin and it would not be anything if you would not feel the need to scratch. But let’s not make so much fuss. Let’s see how to get rid of gnats!

I have simple tricks for you to see how to get rid of gnats immediately.

And you should not use toxic solutions or pills. You do not have to spray the room and never get out of the house every time when it smells pungent. What other more natural methods to combat gnats you could do? Let’s see.

1. Anti-gnats net on windows

The simple and durable method by which you can keep gnats away is to put an anti-gnats net on the windows. In this way, no insect can enter your cozy home. Post simply apply either directly on the glass or on a separate frame, which is attached to the window.

2. How to get rid of gnats with lemons

Buy some lemons and cut them into quarters. Put the pieces of lemon on the windowsill near the bed or table. Astringent lemon scent emanated keep gnats away, so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep or a nice evening in the company of loving without being close to the buzzing gnats.

3. Use garlic

Once, garlic was used to scare away ghosts, today you can use to ward off the somehow tangible insects, such as gnats. In a blender, mix 4 cloves of garlic with few tablespoons of water. Pass the mixture through a strainer. You only need garlic oil, not pulp. The liquid mixture of 1 gallon of water and pour it into a spray bottle.

Garlic spray in areas where you know they are dating multiple and gnats. It is not advisable to use this method to remove the gnats if you stay on the block, so your rooms will smell … pretty ugly.

4. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house

Stagnant water is the foothold for gnats, so if you want to have a quiet summer without gnats around, get rid of any container in which to gather rainwater, for example.

5. Be smart: Make a canopy

The canopy is an element of oriental inspiration, which you can use for at least two purposes. First, as decoration in the bedroom – your lover will be super excited about your invention, and secondly, an airy material will ward off gnats, flies and other small insects that can penetrate the window.

6. Light a scented candle

You realize that romantic atmosphere you can create? First canopy, now scented candles. It is good to know that smoke emitted colorless candle is not liking gnats so they will stay away from the place where you keep it. Buy a scented candle, something bigger that last all night.

Final Tip: Place it next to the bed, nightstand. It goes without saying that we must be careful not to burn something. We wish you a sensational summer without gnats around!

Image Credits: New Health Guide

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