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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – 3 Home Remedies You Should Know

Small, reddish-brown insects without wings, bedbugs feed on blood. It usually takes one or two weeks for bedbug bites to heal without treatment. It is not known whether bedbugs spread disease, but they can cause allergic reactions or severe skin reactions in some people.

A bedbug is about the size of an apple seed. Often hiding in cracks and crevices of beds, box springs, headboards, bed frames, they come out at night to feed on humans, their preferred host.

Bed bugs multiply rapidly. Within 3 months of life, a female can produce one egg every hour. Therefore, if your pet has bed bugs, there is a high risk that these parasites will get into your home. The main causes of bed bug infestations in your home are high temperatures and humidity.

A bed bug infestation can be identified by the following signs:

◾ There are small black dots on the fur of the pet (dog or cat);
◾ You or someone in your family show signs of mosquito bites: red, hard bumps, with a strong itching sensation;
◾ You can see tiny blood spots on carpets and bed linen; these are bed bugs droppings, and they may accompany whitish eggs.

If bed bugs appear in your home, you should stop allowing children to stay there until these insects have been exterminated. It is possible for bed bugs to transmit various diseases to animals or humans. Also, bites are very aggressive, especially in young children.

We recommend professional treatment when attempting to get rid of bed bugs; however, here are some tips to help you control your infestation.

◾ Make sure bedding, bed linens, curtains, and clothing are washed in hot water and dried on the highest setting in the dryer. Put stuffed animals, shoes, and other items that can’t be washed in the dryer for 30 minutes on high.
◾ Prior to vacuuming the mattress, scrub the seams with a stiff brush.
◾ Keep your bed and surrounding area clean by vacuuming frequently. Place the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag immediately after vacuuming and place it in an outdoor garbage can.
◾ Keep the bed area clutter-free.

Now that you know what bed bugs really are, it’s time to get rid of them. This is how you do it:

🧊 1. Bed bugs can be eliminated naturally by using heat or cold

By raising the temperature, bed bugs can be eliminated from a mattress or other important area.

Therefore, wash affected bedding or clothing in very hot water for 30 minutes.

Then, dry the items for at least 30 minutes in your dryer on the highest possible heat setting.

As an alternative, you can place the items in a freezer that is at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You should leave them there for four days to ensure all bed bugs have died.

♨ 2. Steam

The most effective way to kill bed bugs without an exterminator is to use a steamer on mattresses, couches, and other hiding places.

🛏 3. Bed bug-proof mattress cover

Place bed bug-proof covers around your mattress and box spring.

If these covers are zipped up all the way, bed bugs will not be able to enter, and those trapped inside will be killed.

Additionally, they prevent bed bugs from biting you while you sleep.

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