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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – 5 Home Remedies You Should Know

These bed bugs can give you sleepless nights. They like to survive on the hot vertebrates therefore on your dog, rabbits, cats, even you can host them. Here’s how to get rid of bed bugs with these 5 simple home remedies that you need to know.

Bed bugs multiply quickly. A female may submit in time one egg at every hour, within 3 months of life. Thus, if your pet has bed bugs, the risk that these parasites get in your home is very high. High temperatures and humidity are the main causes that allow the development of fleas in your living space.

Signs of developing bed bugs are:

– the pet (dog or cat) scratches and in its fur, you can see small black dots;
– your body or family members show signs of a kind mosquito bites: red and hard bumps, with a strong itching feeling;
– on the carpets or bed linen, you can notice tiny blood spots; they are bed bugs droppings; they may be accompanied by whitish eggs.

It is good when you notice the appearance of bed bugs to no longer allow children to stay home until you exterminate these insects. Bed bugs can transmit various diseases from animals or from person to person. Also, bites are very aggressive, especially in young children.


1. Dishwashing – A gripping trap for bed bugs

If you want to get rid of fleas, dish soap is the easiest way to grip and eradicate bed bugs, that is a flea trap. You could even kill the bed bugs from your dog if you bathe him with soap dish. However, such a home solution will not allow you to clean your entire house this way.

2. Herbal spray – One way to eradicate bed bugs in your home

If you wanted to eliminate bed bugs with chemicals, let me tell you, it is not healthy. Instead, you should give the herbal spray a chance. This herbal spray for bed bugs is homemade. It is not dangerous for your pet’s health and it does not harm your children. Here are the steps to follow to create your own herbal spray to eliminate bed bugs.

All you need is:
• Vinegar – about 4 liters
• Water – about 2 liters
• lemon juice – about 500 ml
• Hamamelis – about 250 ml
• Vacuum bag – 1
• Spray for the house and garden – 1 (this sprayer should be able to contain at least 6-7 liters)

You must vacuum and then spray with this herbal spray for bed bugs. Spray on carpets, furniture, pet nest, window sills, floors, in every corner of the house. Continue using this spray at least 2-7 days, depending on how infested with bed bugs your house is. When this bed bugs problem becomes less noticeable, you will not spray the house every day, but every 3-4 days, and then once a week during bed bugs season.

3. Salt – the best remedy for bed bugs

A very common ingredient such as the salt can help you get rid of the bed bugs. In particular, the ones from the carpets. We all want clean carpet, isn’t it? In this case, the salt is a great agent that dehydrates and dries the bodies of bed bugs. How to get rid of bed bugs with salt? Well, here is what you need:

• table salt or any other sea salts
• a large bottle of spices.

Firstly, you should make sure that your salt is finely ground. If it is not, crush the salt until it becomes soft. Fill a glass of fine salt seasoning, but leave little space in the bottle to shake and then sprinkle the salt. Sprinkle the salt on the carpets in all rooms. The salt should evenly cover the desired area. After this, let the salt sprinkled on the carpet between 12 and 48 hours. After 1-2 days, vacuum the salt completely. You will notice the difference, let me tell you. This is a great home remedy!

4. Rosemary and bed bugs

When your house is not heavily infested with bed bugs, but you still have some, it is a problem. How to get rid of bed bugs? Well, even if you have some bed bugs, you should use rosemary. With rosemary, you can control the presence of these insects in your home. This remedy can be used in various ways such as the powder or as a softener oil. Although dogs can be washed with rosemary water, you cannot apply the same method for cats. Unfortunately, in the case of cats, rosemary will have side effects. Rosemary oil can also be put on your pet’s collar but only some drops.

5. Citronella essential oil

Traditionally, the citronella oil is the answer on how to get rid of bed bugs. It was used to eliminate the bed bugs in the best naturally way possible. It is an essential oil with aromatic leaves of a bluish green lemon. It is an oil that can be used both in animals and in human beings. It is effectively and it repels successfully the bed bugs. You can clean the floor with a mixture of essential oils but you should use mainly the citronella oil for optimal results.

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Image Credits: Joe Blue Pest Control

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