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How To Get Rid Of Cats Without Harming Them

Anyone who owns a cat knows that the little animals like the sun and the smell of clean air. However, no matter how much we love cats, we can not but admit that they are a disaster in the flower garden. Thus, this article will show you how to get rid of cats without harming them.

The kittens will enter the flower garden and use them as a blanket if they do not urinate to mark their territory. And so your work in the flower garden was destroyed, but you can not quarrel with the kitten. Whether it is yours or your neighbor’s cat, it must be kept away from your flower garden.

Before implementing any measure to prevent cats from entering the garden, try to find out who the owner is – if it is not yours – to make sure it is not aggressive, according to Buzzle. If your cat is very well in control of the yard and covers the places where the kitten can go. It will be good for you as well as for the other neighbors who have flowers. Also, make a special place where to do it and teach her not to go anywhere else.

You can buy certain special substances from the market to keep the kittens away. These substances must contain methyl nonyl ketone, which should not be applied to vegetables, fruits or other crops.

You can keep your cat away from your flowers by putting a few lemon, orange or grapefruit peel. It seems that kittens have developed an antipathy towards citrus. You can also use a few drops of citrus or coffee oil.

You can put some pine cones among the flowers or some pebbles. Since kittens are very sensitive, they will not risk injury.

Many gardeners have come to the conclusion that you can get rid of kittens only if you plant some flowers in the garden. Among these flowers are the yellowish, which are not very pleasant to the little felines. Other plants that cats do not like are lavender, bush roses, and lemons.

This method is not very reliable, but it’s worth trying. As soon as you see a cat in your flower garden, throw a few splashes of water on it. Let’s rely on the fact that cats do not like water and will not come back, but there is a risk of them liking and believing that you are playing with it. If it is not your cat you have to tell the master what you are going to do.

Image Credits: Barbara O’Brien Photography

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