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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Nobody likes unwanted guests, especially when they have a lot of legs and smells and ugly! Centipedes are definitely among them. If you do not want to have them, read this article on how to get rid of centipedes and follow these steps!

In summer, insects appear, just like the ones in the picture. These are called centipedes. They may be present outside your home, but they may accidentally get inside, most likely you will find them dead.

The name “centipedes” is a little exaggeration, as is the nickname “thousands of feet” because the myriapods do not have a thousand feet. However, these insects have at least one hundred feet, they move rather hard, brownish brown Open to the black, meet around buildings, in high humidity areas, under the layers of leaves, flower pots, stones, etc. Centipedes enter the inside spaces by mistake and do not live much, so in most cases, you will find them dead.

They feed on organic matter in putrefaction and sometimes with young plants. For this reason, these insects are considered to be the pests of the garden even if the damage done to the plants is minor. Centipedes do not bite or pinch people.

Removal of centipedes with chemicals. There are many products that can be found to remove centipedes. You can call for: aerosols, powders, residual granules or liquid sprays.

Indoor treatment for accidental infestation is normally meaningless because these pests will die anyway even without contact with pesticides. There are, however, some steps we recommend you make to ensure that infestation with centipedes is avoided, prevents, disappears and certainly does not reach your home:

– Reduce areas with high humidity or where the centipedes can live around your home: clean the layers of dead leaves, cut grass, etc.
– Locate and seal all the points where the pests in your home may fall: cracks.
– Treat the infested areas around the house with the right pesticides.

Natural methods on how to get rid of centipedes

1. Diatomic Earth – It is a very effective way to stop centipedes from ever penetrating your home. This type of land contains pieces of a silicified sedimentary rock formed from the remnants of the diatom shells. When a scarf drives through it, the cuts that appear on the body cause it to dehydrate, then it dies. It is found in the shops where the flower land is being sold. For favorable results place this earth around the foundations and places through which they enter the house.

2. Ash – this discourages centipedes from laying eggs. Ash has the property to help dry the surrounding soil. Diatomic Earth, along with ash, creates a double barrier against centipedes.

3. Maturation of centipedes – it may seem funny to this simple method but it is quite efficient. Centipedes travel extremely slowly, so once they are at a great distance from the house, it took them a long time to come back.

Image Credits: MCR’s thoughts

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