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How to Get Rid Of Crickets – Identify And Combat Them

We have to admit: sometimes crickets can be pretty cute. But your opinion may change when you discover that your plants, furniture or your favorite clothes are damaged. How do you realize that there is a cricket in your home? Is simple. You are guiding you after his “country”. It is impossible that at night it does not show its wonderful “voice.” The only problem is that you can not figure out where it comes from. When you have the impression that you have come close to the cricket, the sound stops. One thing is certain: you are not alone in the room and you are tired of hearing all the “tart” that seem to come from nowhere! You’ve probably already used to shut down the closet doors all the time to keep them at a distance, and you’re thinking of the moment when the cricket will come out of the hiding place, and you will crush it with the greatest force. However, if you do not want to do this because you feel sympathetic to the little insects lost to you in the house, there are some simple ways. Read this article to see how to get rid of crickets.

Locate the crickets

To do this, you need a quiet house, where the only noise you hear is the cricket of the cricket. They are usually under furniture, home appliances or in cabinets. You can even see if you suddenly light the light, and they are visible.

1. Grab the cricket with a bait – this easy method is the most effective, especially for those who are in the corners and cracks.

Put a few teaspoons of molasses (a chocolate liquid that has a brown color and result from the manufacture of sugar) in a small bowl, and fill it with water to half. Greyhounds adore this blend and jump into this bowl when they smell it. Freed the bowl frequently.
The cricket bait is usually found in specialist stores and uses the same basic method to catch crickets. If you use it, make sure that your family and pets will not stay close to it because it is a toxic substance.

2. Place traps

Glue traps are a great way to catch crickets. Being non-toxic, it does not jeopardize your children or pets, who may be allergic to cockroaches, which may be poisonous.
Place traps in the place where you think crickets are located, such as walls, windows or doors. The possibility that crickets fall into your trap is even greater as it is closer to a source of heat or moisture.

3. Use insecticides for cockroaches

Most such insecticides are effective. You can choose a broad-spectrum insecticide, but you can also choose a special insecticide for crickets. Sprinkle at corners, cracks, along with the window sill and other places where you’ve noticed walking around the little ones. Be careful when using insecticides because they can be irritating.

4. Remove the eggs – the crickets can lay eggs inside your house and thus, instead of a single cricket, you will have an entire colony that will be even harder to remove.
Try to suck the infested area with a vacuum cleaner that has a special filter. These are high power cars that will suck eggs from carpets or wherever they are. Then throw the sucked contents into a sealed plastic bag.
Most sprays used for crickets have an effect on their eggs. Use the spray along the smooth areas, where the crickets tend to lay their eggs.

5. Allow natural predators to stay with you

– lizards and spiders are the natural predators of the crickets, so if you want to share your time with them, you will not have any problems with cricket infestation. You must avoid spraying the indoor space with insecticides because they are toxic to the predators of the crickets.
– If lizards or spiders are not your greatest pleasure, cats and birds are also the natural predators of crickets.

Image Credits: Old Farmer’s Almanac

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