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How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs

Triatomic or kissing bugs, as it is known in common parlance, are part of the subfamily Triatomines and, despite this seemingly “innocent” appearances, they are very dangerous. This is why it is very important for you to know how to get rid of kissing bugs. These small insects are actually parasitic and, in some cases, even death, because they spread Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) in both humans and animals.

In the US and South America, cases of infestation with these beetles, formerly considered to be rare, have multiplied worrying estimated number of diseases in the US is now about the territories. 300,000. And in Texas, for example, Chagas disease has slain 400 dogs, pets are most vulnerable to contracting the disease.

The one responsible for all these deaths and diseases is an insect, that feeds on blood, they bite targeting especially the skin around the eyes and mouth victims. On entering the contact areas of the bite, which may include mucous membranes of the eyes, cockroach feces, victims contracted a parasite called Trypanosoma. This is the main way that parasitizes the victims, but dogs, for example, can contract Chagas disease including by contact with infected feces of other animals. Besides disgusting way or transmission, Chagas disease is also very difficult to detect, because in the early stages does not cause noticeable symptoms.

Sometimes, symptoms may be absent completely even in advanced stages of the disease, but later, in the final stage, to settle in force. For this reason, the disease is known as the “silent killer”.

However, these signs and symptoms that you have to have in mind:

– swollen abdomen
– confusion, weakness
– lack of coordination
– seizures or spasms
– loss of appetite
– diarrhea
– depression, lethargy, accelerated heart rate, congestive heart failure

Many of the above symptoms are common to many other diseases, so I’m not really a diagnostic criterion, but at least you can put on guard. Fortunately, however, there are special tests that can detect the presence of disease. Timely diagnosis increases the response to treatment and greatly reduce symptoms and possible adverse side effects of the disease to complete healing.

In addition, there are preventative measures that can reduce exposure to pets from these dangerous bugs. Dogs are not only vulnerable, but any contact with the outside animal is at risk of disease, especially in the southern regions of the US.

Here are the steps you can take to reduce the overall risk exposure of pets to this horrible disease:

– Remove the yard and around the house or stacked wood piles of gravel are ideal shelters for kissing bugs.
– Because kissing bugs are nocturnal, avoid walking or remove pets free to leave after dark.
– Plug cracks and glass cracks or crevices in the wood chopping to prevent penetration of bugs in the house.
– Raise the outer cages for dogs with a palm above the ground.
– Try not to use an external lighting source because bugs are attracted to light.

Compliance with the above steps and good hygiene can substantially reduce the risk of exposing humans and animals to these dangers. A better degree of knowledge of the disease can save many lives among both people and the pets!

Image Credits: HighRated.net

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