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How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs

Head lice are a common, controversial and frivolous problem for parents. And they usually do not talk about where they got them, but everything is rolling around looking for solutions on how to get rid of lice eggs. Part of the debate is people who think head lice have acquired immunity to regular treatments, so they do not work anymore. Other specialists believe that resistance is not a big problem and that treatment failures are due to parents who have not removed lindens.

Lice prefer to deposit hundreds of eggs, called linden, which are the basis of the hair dye. Removing these lice eggs is an essential step in the process of exterminating lice. Even the most powerful prescriptions do not exterminate or remove lice. They have to be REMOVED by combing. That’s why it takes a lot and it takes effort and it seems to be the step that many exclude or do not do as it should or quite often.

Here are some instructions on how to get rid of lice eggs!

1) The first step after finding the lice eggs is to treat yourself so as to exterminate the adult. (You can comb and do not kill them, but you have to immobilize them because they can move quickly.)

2) If you want, you can rinse the balm from the tea tree oil. Use a brush or a normal comb to handle the hair curls. When using a louse comb you need to be able to comb from root to toe without the comb left in the hair.

3) Now you can use a louse comb. Many products are accompanied by a louse comb. The best, most effective louse comb is those with small, metallic teeth, very loud and narrow.

– Lift a small piece of hair from the front of the scalp with a comb and raise the hair if it is long. Spin the portion, starting exactly with the front and make sure the scalp is combed and pull the combs down. Check the comb and see if there are lice eggs on it. The linden will remain blocked frequently between the comb teeth and should be removed. Have a dish or water at your fingertips to clean the combs each time or wipe it with a towel. It’s the same place for many times.

– Treat on the entire surface of the scalp and make sure you go through every inch of hair.

– There are big differences between hair types. Regarding fine hair, it is possible to apply this procedure to larger sections.

– The lice are dark in color, and the lice eggs are white. The different colors of your hair help you to notice them more easily.

4) Only when all parts of the scalp have been combed many times you have finished.

5) Now you have to do the same thing the next day. It’s probably a good rule to comb every day, at least as long as lice eggs live, between 7-9 days. You will surely miss some linden and you may even have some newborn lice. Continue to brush every day and in the next few days depending on how many linden and how many lice you find when combing.

6) When you can not find the lice eggs, you can stop combing. For a short time. Check back in a few days.

Repeated combing is a 2-week procedure to stop lice development; if you shorten the length of time that the procedure should be repeated, you could find our infected children. Combing removes the linden that comes out of eggs and any nymphs before there is any chance of reproduction.

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