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How To Get Rid Of Rats For Good

Are you having problems with rats? The question “how to get rid of rats?” appears most often in the spring, when they begin to multiply explosively (due to favorable conditions of food and temperature). However, before you learn how to get rid of rats, you must firstly get acquainted with them.

When we say rats, we understand any of the 56 species of small rodents, omnivorous, belonging to the genus Rattus. In the city (urban area) pest control issues are raised by black rat of the house (so named because of the predominant color), gray rats, and in rural areas (countryside) the plain brown rats. Rats are adaptable to almost any environmental condition, the unseen inhabitants of all human settlements.

Rats can enter anywhere mainly because their teeth are very strong and can chew even hard materials such as concrete. This is worrying especially because rats are extremely dangerous disease carriers (like the plague, rat bite fever, rabies, melioidosis and more).

The black rat has a body length of 24 cm, tail 24-28 cm. The tail is made up of 200-260 scale rings. The average weight is 250 g. The muzzle is pointed, long eyes and big ears. Coat color is brown-blackish on the dor¬sala and blackish-gray on the ventral, without between the two areas to be a line of demarcation. The black rat is met more often in houses. It sets besides houses, silos, storage of seeds and fruits. It is omnivorous, but plant food predominate. Eat primarily cereal, and larvae, adult insects and small vertebrates.

The gray rat is greater than the black rat and unlike it has no tail longer than the body. Such body length is 27 cm and the tail of 18-20 cm. The weight of rats may reach 500 g. Choke back fur is gray and whitish belly. Ears are short, without hair on the inner side and have a top round. The eyes are big and long.
It appeared in Europe in 1732, soon by putting grip to a vast area. In our country, it has spread throughout the country, except in the mountains. Unlike the previous one, house humid gray rat is being met on the stables, cellars, in garbage, sewage systems, and riverbanks. Do not hesitate to enter the water, it is a very good swimmer.
It is omnivorous, eating cereal, and corpses. These rats are very greedy and lacking food when they eat their chicken. The female face 4-5 times a year, cite 8-10 chickens, which are fit for breeding at the age of three months. It is particularly harmful to the damage they produce dangerous germs virtual carrier of serious diseases such as plague, leprosy, typhus and rabies.

The country rats are much smaller than the “other rats, the body having a length of 9-11 cm and tail of the same size, consisting of the scaly rings 120-140. The weight reached 250 g. Ears are short but visible and they are bent backward. The coat is reddish-gray on the back and white on the ventral gray open between the two color areas there is a clear line. Dorsal has a longitudinal black stripe, leaving the crown until the root of the tail. This stripe is characteristic. The rats can be met in barns, stables, sheds and warehouses, especially in winter and operates more night. Harmful not only by what they eat (quantity) as the misery she leaves behind in feed and fodder. Listed food of many predators day and night.

How to get rid of rats?

Good question. In general, they recommended the same measures of control as the house mouse. It must, of course, consider the fact that rats are more intelligent and more able to learn from home than mice, so they quickly learn how to avoid objects used in their control. So shortly after, the rats learn to avoid traps. Because of this, fighting rats should be performed by a professional pest control company. Besides pest control company, there are other ways to get rid of rats and list them below:

1. A cat in the place where rats appeared

This method is dedicated to combating all rodents and has discovered over 5,000 years by the Egyptians. The presence of cats in the household combat in a largely existence rats in two ways:

– Cats hunt rats (although you usually do not eat, but can kill), which you control the explosive birth of rats.
– The smell of cat urine is a strong warning to rats and causes them to stay away or even to leave the area altogether.

2. Mechanical spring traps for rats

Mechanically, fighting rats can be performed using traps based springs (special traps for rats, different in size from those for mice) to be placed in strategic positions, such as the right inputs in hiding or he along routes of travel. As trap bait is placed in a small piece of food (eg cheese, salami). Anti-rat traps should be checked regularly and dead rats should be removed because they can become breeding places for flies and other insects.

3. Ultrasound equipment anti rats

Ultrasound method sometimes works, sometimes not (depending on the extent of the infested zone and the number of rates existing in the household). How does it work? Powerful ultrasound emitted intermittently bother rats affecting their nervous system and expelling the range of the transmitters permanently. Devices cover up to 500 square meters inside and 100 sqm outside. The devices are powered outlet or battery.

Important information:

One of the most important measures to prevent the occurrence rats besides your home is to NOT store garbage anywhere near (even for a short time). Also, animal feed (beans, grains) must be protected from access rats (eg wheat storage in sealed metal containers or closing of corn in wire mesh cages small).

Natural Solutions (Herbs) On How To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats and mice are very sensitive to odors. These are the plants you should turn to:

Sambucus ebulus

Sambucus ebulus has a deterrent effect on mice and rats because they can not stand the smell of. The roots of black Sambucus ebulus removes hydrogen cyanide. The plant is moderately toxic to mammalian animals so that in places where Sambucus ebulus increase the fact that rodents will not settle. People in ancient times knew about these remarkable properties of Sambucus ebulus and therefore planted trees around barns, warehouses grain to repel mice and rats, with branches Sambucus ebulus tied trunks of apple and stacks of hay. It has long been observed that the buildings around which increase red Sambucus ebulus are protected from mice and rats. Orchardists say about red Sambucus ebulus of pests are not insects. In villages, even today, as once, large branches Sambucus ebulus place in the basement and cellar.


Probably everyone knows about this plant. The bittersweet tang of wormwood planted around the garden protects many pests. In the old days, wormwood dry grain is put near the sheaves, protecting them from mice. And today trunks winter binds with wormwood. To repel pests house dry wormwood plant is put into the house and basement in places where it was observed the appearance of mice and rats. Wormwood herb with bonds around the perimeter of the storage place (in cabinets basements).


This is another well-known herbs. Peppermint dried properly, and tincture of peppermint also take away rats and mice. Rodents will not hurt your products if you put together a small bunch of mint leaves. But if you planted mint bushes around the house, mice will avoid your house. Know that peppermint has many other useful properties. For example, mint leaves, chopped, placed at the bottom of the cabinet, a month to save you unpleasant. Ants house also fear the smell of mint. If you smear with fresh grass juice the way they go ant, insects will leave the house. For the annoying mosquitoes, we advise you to put the pillow next few strands of fresh mint – smell is pleasant and mosquitoes do not mind.


On a warm summer day when various herbs flavors mix in a harmonious bouquet, intense smell of tansy stands out – it clearly smells of camphor. Tansy flowers placed in a vase placed near the door or window helps rejection of the Flies. Dry leaves and flowers can be also used to reject mites, ants or fleas. The dried root is stronger than the leaves. Ant repellents are ground and crushed green leaves that are strewn in their path. Flea and tick repellents animal fur can put some dried tansy plants in their cage. Mice also not stand the smell of tansy. Therefore, you should put some connections 3-5 wires everywhere – not only at home but also in the basement.


Chamomile scent is loved by the people, but not mice. Therefore, housewives experienced longer use chamomile to get rid of rodents. They spread chamomile flowers on the floor in the house, but keep them dry bouquets in barns and warehouses.

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