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How To Get Rid Of Roaches Effectively With Natural Tricks

The roaches are very disgusting guests, and once they get into your house, it will not be easy for you to get rid of them. These insects, in addition to causing nausea, carry many diseases and can infest our food if we do not take action against them. The most disturbing feature of roaches is that they can hide in almost every corner of our homes. In addition, they tend to be active only at night, that is exactly when we are too tired to hunt them. That being said, are you ready to drive the roaches out of your house? Nowadays, stores offer us a wide range of insecticides that can kill these pests in just a few seconds. But, in general, these products are toxic and can affect both our health and our pets. So, in the following, I want to present some natural tricks to see how to get rid of roaches. These tricks are very effective and, to put them into practice, you will only need some very cheap natural ingredients.

Where are the roaches hiding?

Before we can teach you how to clean your house off kitchen roaches, you have to remember where they are used to having their bedtime during the day. Here are the favorite hideouts of these pests:

– Cracks and cracks present in cupboards or kitchen furniture or bathroom.

– Wood furniture.

– Roaches can enter the house through small openings in doors and windows.

– You can find them in floor drains, faucets in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry, gas outlets, heating and air conditioning pipes, electrical panels, ceiling panels and more.

– They like to hide under the refrigerator, stove, kitchen robot, microwave, etc., and behind these appliances.

– Cardboard boxes, containers, stacks of paper and pets.

– Under the wooden floor.

– Wherever there is debris, discarded construction materials or garbage.

How to get rid of roaches?

Natural insecticides are a great option if you want to remove the kitchen roaches from your home. But do not forget that, before attempting any “treatment” against these pests, you will have to make sure that your house rules cleanliness and order – otherwise, no remedy will yield!

– To begin with, seal the spaces around the dishwashers, sinks, shower cabins or bathtubs. This will make sure that your kitchen and bathroom are free of moisture.

– Clean often the premises under the furniture (chairs, beds etc.), but also those covered with mattresses, pillows, carpets etc. Moreover, pay special attention to the spaces between the furniture and the walls.

– Clear and clean all the drawers and shelves in the house (especially where you hold books or clothes).

– Do not leave dirty dishes or debris in the sink as they tend to attract kitchen beetles. In addition, be sure to always seal the containers in which you hold food, especially if it is your pet’s food.

Natural remedies on how to get rid of roaches

1. The bay leaves: A simple trick to get rid of the kitchen beetles is to put a few bay leaves in the areas where you suspect that they have made their bed. Roaches do not support this plant and usually take it as soon as the scent feels.

2. Onion and boric acid remedy: This trick is very popular because it is very effective and does not require excessive expense. You will need a fine medium-sized onion, half a cup of plain flour, a little water or beer, a pinch of sugar knife and 3-4 tablespoons of boric acid (as a powder). Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and, using a spoon, apply the paste obtained on the places where you suspect that the roaches are hidden. Make sure your pet does not get in touch with this paste, as it could hurt them.

3. Sodium bicarbonate and sugar solution: Mix a cup of sodium bicarbonate with a cup of sugar and sprinkle the powder obtained through your home. Roaches are attracted to sugar, which is why they will eat the whole mixture, and the bubbles of gas that will form inside their body because of sodium bicarbonate will kill them.

4. Borax: This natural ingredient is often used to make laundry soap. Simply sprinkle borax through your entire home, paying special attention to places where you suspect that roaches are gathering. Borax can damage insect carcasses and, without their protection, roaches will dehydrate and die.

5. Lettuce Grass: This plant has a similar effect to bay leaves. Put a little bit of grass in the house, and its smell will throw out the kitchen roaches immediately.

Image Credits: Ecologix Pest Elimination

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