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How To Get Rid Of Termites And Protect Your Home

Termites are nasty insects that once managed to get inside your home can cause damage to extremely expensive. To avoid damage, it is essential to know how to protect your home from termite attack and how to get rid of termites.

What methods ca you use?

1. Deploying chemical

Some of the most effective solutions for maintaining remote the termites are chemical solutions designed to protect exactly the house you find commercially. To be 100% effective, these solutions must be applied strategically, specifically around the house foundation, and in places where insects may enter the dwelling and its structure.

2. Inspect carefully around the house every spring

Another way to prevent, but also Detect a possible termite infestation is a thorough inspection of the house every spring when the weather begins to warm. Check every corner of the house, wooden structures, but do not forget to throw and an eye in the garden – especially if here there are elements of wood (such as pergolas, for example) which could be a temptation for termites.

Also, maintaining an optimal level of cleanliness inside the house during the year is more likely to relieve you of troubles. Besides allowing you to discover potential intruders, thorough cleaning nor create “attractions” for termites, such as leftovers from the kitchen for a longer period of time or household waste.

3. The method of protecting wooden furniture

Besides the wooden structure of the house, termites make their way in the furniture spread throughout the house. To prevent attack the furniture, here are some tips that you can put into practice:

– Moisture is the enemy number one of your furniture when it comes to termites. Not predisposed to pest insects, make sure that the humidity in the house is never too high and that your furniture is never wet.

– to the extent possible, the choice furniture treated with sodium borate and made from pressed wood boards which are resistant to attack by termites.

– Periodically apply a pesticide treatment each piece of furniture, even if it’s worth mentioning termites. Remember that termites are pretty amazing insects when they want to hide their presence!

– old furniture must be handled carefully because a spray pesticide may affect quality. Talk to a specialist in advance before it treated against termites.

Do not forget to make sure that no outside appearance of the house does not create conditions conducive to termites, which then might sneak home:

– Remove stumps of trees in the garden, because termites love to hide inside them. In addition, to the extent that you can, turn to concrete construction in the garden, at the expense of wood.

– For homes equipped with the wood-burning heating system, we recommend placing stacks of firewood as far from home, as they can attract termites.

Image Credits: Pegasus Pest Control

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