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Keep Your Plants Healthy And Beautiful: How To Get Rid Of Aphids

The aphids of plants are really a nuisance! For they disfigure flowers and can kill plants we collected the best tips to learn how to get rid of aphids.

Aphids are pests or plant lice often found for some species. Thus roses Hand Lady, clematis, some shrubs and deciduous Fiver are attacked by aphids.

Aphids are green-gray or black, are small and live in colonies on the underside of the leaves, the tips of shoots and tendrils. Their massive presence in the world May-June when the plant sap-sucking, preventing their development and can sometimes kill the younger plants.

Aphids have an annual development of four generations each year. Bud scales insects lay their eggs in October and overwinter in the egg stage. Spring (usually in May or as soon as the bud breaks) protect the larvae, passing on the underside of leaves. Since this device will make future females eggs and the cycle is repeated.

Aphid-infested leaves are deformed, turn yellow, and on the back side of the leaves infested with the naked eye can see aphid colony. This leaves a sticky paste which suppresses leaf.

Trimming shrubs and roses fall can break the cycle of development, but if aphids on a plant appeared the best solution is to treat them and trimming severe fall. Treatments should be repeated next spring to remove all settlements.

But how to get rid of aphids if they are present on the underside of leaves, in May and June?

Chemical treatments are effective and completely destroy aphids. It takes two to three rounds of spraying on hot days, with no rain to completely destroy aphids and cleaning is required a good autumn and spring soil by removing all plant debris and burning.

There are traditional methods that can help get rid of aphids, especially if attacks roses, flowering trees, and shrubs. These methods should be applied as soon as aphids are emerging and preemptive two to three times after disappearing.

Here are the most popular methods other than the chemical that will teach you how to get rid of aphids:

♦ washing with a strong water jet, and they kill off the aphids. The method has a reduced efficiently, but applied to the first signs of an attack is useful.

♦ spraying a solution of water with soap house. Rade homemade soap and let it dissolve in warm water. Three tablespoons per liter of water rasping. The resulting solution was divided into two. Each part was diluted to a liter and a half of water and make two sprays every two days.

♦ planting thyme, lavender bushes near shields them from attack by aphids roses, these plants having the odor removing aphids.

♦ thyme or lavender tea (very concentrated) is efficiently sprayed on the plants attacked, but the effects occur after two or three sprays.

♦ The shower water and spray water mixed with alcohol (alcohol part, two parts water). The solution kills the eggs and larvae in alcohol is small and a good treatment in the first phase of the attack by aphids. Applied on time can help you get rid of aphids. For greater certainty, repeat the treatment several times, every two days.

♦ There also seems to be effective the chili tea you can prepare it like this. A tea concentrate and water chili pepper (5-6 chopped peppers per liter of water). The tea was boiled with a good cover on the pot placed about 5 minutes. Cold spray evening around the places you want to protect from slugs or snails in the area where they stand. Use a spray and cover your nose and mouth with a mask and wearing goggles.

Image Credits: Planet Natural Research Center

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