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Natural Solutions On How To Get Rid Of Mice

The mice are one of the most problematic harmful rodents. This species of rodent plague usually the homes and commercial buildings, open land and farmland. These little creatures and, at first sight, even fun, can endanger the health of children, pets, other wildlife and environmental balance through food contamination and the spread of disease through urine. What to mention the damage they cause by gnawing! The ideal solution on how to get rid of mice naturally consists in corroborating an integrated pest management program with a number of repellents that are cheap and easy to prepare in your own house. See below how to get rid of mice!

Peppermint oil

Unlike humans, mice do not tolerate the strong smell of mint. For this reason, mint is an ally in the fight against rats, especially when supported by the implementation of an effective removal.

Ingredients needed:

• Cotton disc

• Peppermint essential oil


• Pour approx. 20-30 drops of essential oils of peppermint on cotton each disc separately.

• Sit discs in various places of the house, but especially by those targeted most by mice.

• Replace them with other fresh records at least once a week.

• In addition to mint, you can use other essential oils with a strong smell.

Spray against mice

Here are a mixture containing no chemicals or toxins, but is particularly strong. Therefore, it is recommended to wear glasses and gloves preparation and its use.

It is a spray repellent for mice derived from hot peppers. You know the bad reaction that we all know from eating too spicy: stinging, burning, tears and cold sweats. Well, this cocktail concentrate is absolutely terrifying for mice. Spray uses peppers that have a rating of 100,000 – 350,000 units, and pepper which also has ratings between 30,000 and 50,000 units.

You need:

– a cup of finely chopped chilies

– 100 grams of pepper

– 2 tablespoons paprika

– 4 liters of water

– a spray bottle

– Gauze straining cheese

– gloves / goggles

– A large pot


For the preparation and use of this mixture are recommended to use gloves and goggles. To prevent respiratory irritation, it is advisable to use even a surgical mask.

• Fill a large pot with water and put it to boil.

• Add chopped peppers, pepper and paprika in a bucket and pour boiling water over it.

• Cover the bucket and leave covered overnight.

• pepper bits using a gauze and pour the mixture into another bucket.

• Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the solution over all the access roads and areas of infestation. It is recommended to test the reaction of the substance surface before use, as this may discolor some materials. Do not ever use on carpets and other textile surfaces.

• The storage time of the solution is several months even when stored sun. Fill the spray bottle or times as needed.


Aroma sweet and spicy clove scent reminiscent of autumn and the nights spent by the fireplace, but mice is far from inviting. On the contrary, the essential oil of cloves irritant effect on rodents.

You can use either whole cloves wrapped in fabric or molded clove essential oil, cotton discs. I, at least, it seems most appropriate second choice, because the essential oil is stronger.

You need:

– Essential oil of cloves or whole cloves

– Cotton discs


Pour 20-30 drops of essential oil of cloves per disc cotton separately and has them strategically around the house and, if necessary, by the dwelling. Take care that pets do not come into direct contact with oil of cloves.

When using whole cloves are advised to tuck them in a cotton cloth (an old shirt) and sat canvas in places frequented by mice.

Aluminum foil

Seal the access paths of mice with aluminum foil. Mice hated the taste of metal foil, so it will be very tempted to chew these barriers teeth.

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Image Credits: Active Pest Solutions

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