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6 Cleaning Hacks To Know When Dealing With Carpet Problems

When you have carpets in your house, you know that their maintenance must also be on top. It is very hard to deal with any carpet problems because even the store-bought products might damage them. Thus, it is time to turn to a more simpler approach using easy hacks to solve those issues. In this article, I’ve compiled the best 6 hacks you need to know when you’re dealing with carpet problems regarding their cleaning, their appearance or their smell. Hence, keep reading and check out these hacks for stains, pet’s hair or long-term maintenance.

1. Lint Roller Hack

No matter how hard you might vacuum your carpet, there is always debris left. Thus, how can you get them when even the vacuum can’t? That’s the big question. Well, that’s why I tried the lint roller. It is a great hack to clean the carpet from the pet’s hair, crumbs or any other small debris you can’t see. The lint roller will effectively pick those up. Hence, pay attention and use it carefully, so you can clean the carpet thoroughly.

2. Too much pet’s hair? Try a squeegee

Pets are not quite the best friends of carpets. Our little furry friends will lay all over the carpet, leaving a lot of hair behind. And it is very difficult to remove that pet hair, even with a vacuum cleaner. Thus, I had an idea, how about using a squeegee? You know, the one you use to clean windows. It is a very helpful hack I wish I knew sooner. The squeegee will work very well because it has that rubber blade to help you gather all the hair out of your carpet. So try it out and keep your carpets hair-free.

3. Get rid of the dirt stains with shaving cream

Dirt is always there, especially if you have lighter carpets. Hence, most carpets with the colors like beige, yellow, light pastels or even white will accumulate the dirt faster. No matter the type of dirt, it is also very hard to get rid of those stains. Thus, you need to know that a great hack for dirt stains is shaving cream. All you have to do is rubbing it gently on the stain, let it act for a few minutes and then clean it right away. It will remove the dirt stains but it will also fluff your carpets, so they will look brand new.

4. Baking soda is the enemy for urine stains

When dealing with urine stains, baking soda is definitely the best hack to go to. It will take care of the stain but it will also help you get rid of the smell too. Just sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over the urine stain, let it soak up the smell and the liquid and then vacuum away. Then, you can easily make DIY baking soda paste by mixing it with water, a highly effective stain remover. Thus, baking soda for the win.

5. How do you get rid of a gum?

When you have kids, the inevitable might just happen. That’s right, gum on the carpet. Well, lucky for us, it will not be the end of it. Because this hack will take care of it for us. First of all, don’t try take it out when it is still soft. Thus, you will need to harden it up. For this, you could easily place an ice cube on it and then rub it gently over the gum to freeze it. Hence, when it is frozen, it will be easier to remove. Basically, you can scrape it off with a spoon once it’s cold.

6. How to restore your carpet after furniture dents

after a while, the furniture will make a dent in your carpet. Thus, if you just recently moved the furniture or re-arrange it, you will notice them. Furniture dents. Well, don’t stress out, you can restore the carpet to its glory. You can get rid of the dents by place ice cubes inside. Let the ice melt in your carpet, and then blot away the excess water. Follow up with some ironing using a towel over the carpet. You will see how easy it is to fluff the fibers of your carpet after the area dries out.

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