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DIY Paste To Clean Different Types Of Cooktops

The stove cooktops need to be spotless after each cooking! It will make the cooking easier and most importantly, it will be safer for you and your family. However, it is also very important to take into consideration the type of your stove cooktop. Therefore, the cleaning will be more effective and safer for the surface. Moreover, remember to always turn off the gas or the electricity so you can remove the drip trays, the knobs, and racks for a thorough cleaning. Hence, that being said, check out these effective methods and the best DIY paste to clean any type of stove cooktops.

The main DIY paste you will need to clean the stove cooktops contains the following ingredients:

– 300g sodium bicarbonate
– 150g castile soap
– 80g of 3% hydrogen peroxide
– 60g salt
– 10 drops of lemon essential oil
– 10 drops of clove essential oil

Simply mix all the ingredients on a bowl until you get a paste. Then, store it into a small glass jar, so it can be ready for use anytime. Now, let’s get to cleaning.

1. The stove cooktops made of ceramic, glass, or induction

For this type of stove cooktops, use 2 cloths. Dip one cloth in the DIY paste and pick up the grease and any debris left from cooking. Scrub gently all over the cooktop. Then, use the other cloth dry to wipe off any excess and add some shine. Isn’t that easy?

2. Stainless steel cooktops

When it comes to stainless steel stove cooktops, the simplest method is using a microfiber cloth and the DIY paste. Damp your cloth and then take a little bit of paste. Wipe the surface very well and then let the paste to act for a few minutes. Then, simply wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

3. White enamel cooktops

You can also clean the white enamel stove cooktops using the DIY paste. Simply spread a little paste all over the cooktop and let it there for a few minutes. Use a very soft cloth to rub the paste even further into the surface. After you made sure you covered everything, damp another clean cloth and wipe off the solution, all the dirtiness will come off easily.

4. Gas cooktops

Gas stove cooktops can also accumulate a coat of thick grease if it is used frecvently. Thus, you will need to soak the removable parts such as burner caps in a mixture of hot water and the DIY paste. While soaking, scrub them with a soft brush. Then, you can sprinkle a little sodium bicarbonate on the stove cooktop to lift off the grease. Next, damp a cloth and take a little DIY paste to scrub the surface. Lastly, wipe it all off with a dry cloth.

5. Cleaning the grates or racks of your stove cooktops

Usually, you can succesfully clean the grates or the racks of your stove cooktops with hot soapy water. However, if the situation requires a more heavy cleaning, you can soak them in the sink in which you can add 2 cups of white vinegar. Simply fill the sink with hot water and let the grates and the racks soak for an hour or two. Then, you can use a brush to take a bit of DIY paste to scrub if you think it is necessary. Lastly, make sure you rinse them very well in clean and hot water.

I hope you enjoy these methods, the DIY paste is wonderful to clean all these stove cooktops, leaving them sparkling and shining.

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