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How To Remove Stubborn Smells From Tupperware

I find plastic containers to be super useful in the kitchen. I use them for lunch packages or to store the food in the fridge. Moreover, I take a lot of plastic containers when I go outdoors for picnics. However, I noticed that after several uses, my plastic containers get bad odors from the food that was in it. It is a quite common issue all the plastic containers have but I wanted to try removing the odors. And there are quite a few solutions. Keep reading and see some of the best 5 tips to remove odors from your plastic containers.

1. Soak them in dishwashing liquid

This is the best degreasing and removing odors ingredient. Simply use to wash the plastic thoroughly with a sponge and then let them soak. Thus, pour a good amount of dishwashing soap in your sink, add the plastic containers and allow it to soak into the plastic.

I noticed that if you leave them overnight, they are completely clean in the morning. It is a definitely good option to remove any grease there is and slowly getting rid of the odors.

2. Soak them in white vinegar

Yes, you can also soak them in white vinegar with half a cup of water for 24 hours. The white vinegar will be amazing for this because it cleanses any grease thoroughly and the smell will disappear.

3. Sunbake the plastic containers!

Use one of the two previous solutions to wash the containers. If you don’t have time to let them sit overnight, you could place them in direct sunlight. After you wash them, simply let them sit outside in the sun. One option would be placing them on a sunny window from your kitchen.

4. Baking soda

In your empty container, add five teaspoons of baking soda close the lid. Make sure it is tightly secure and then shake it very well for 2 minutes. Then, add in a teaspoon of water and shake again for another 2 minutes. Then, simply wash as you would normally do.

5. Use the old newspapers

Yes, the newspapers are another amazing trick to use so you can prevent odors from happening. It is especially useful because the newspaper will absorb the moisture and any smells. Thus, crumple some old newspaper inside your plastic container. The newspaper will soak all the odors and the grease too. The key to this technique is to let the newspapers do their job inside the containers for about 2 days. Then, take the newspapers out and wash the plastic containers thoroughly with any of the previous solutions.

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