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How To Remove Water Marks From Wooden Table

Using coasters is definitely necessary if you want to avoid water rings. The wooden table makes these more visible, so it is hard to ignore them. Further, they will become harder and harder to remove over time, thereby ruining your lovely table.

What is the most effective way to remove water rings from wood tables or bookshelves? You don’t have to worry, there is a solution. With just a few smart tips, you can completely eliminate water rings at home.

♨ 1. Firstly, iron them out

This great and smart idea involves steaming. Place a soft, lint-free cloth over the water stain, and then run the iron slowly over it. It is also important to use light pressure when using this method.

Run the iron over the water rings, stopping every few seconds to check the stain’s status. Afterward, use a cloth to wipe away the moisture. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

🍃 2. Secondly, blow dry the stains

The drying method works in the same way as steaming. Using a hairdryer will do the trick. Put it on a medium setting and hold it about 4 inches above the wooden surface. Continually move the hairdryer. When the surface is properly warmed, buff it with a dry, soft cloth.

🟡 3. Apply lubricant to the water rings

Yes, it gets easier and easier. Use lubricant to grease the wooden table. It will work perfectly. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, or even Vaseline. It can be applied to a soft cloth and rubbed vigorously into the water rings.

🧂 4. Scratch them out with abrasive ingredients

If the lubricant is too soft, you may need to add some more abrasive ingredients. Salt, baking soda, or pumice powder are some options. Simply mix a small amount of pumice powder into coconut oil and rub the stain away. Additionally, adding vinegar will increase the effectiveness of the mix.

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