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Help! Flies Are Invading My House! How Do I Get Rid Of Flies Indoors?

Now, that fall is here, most insects and animals are searching for food and warmer places to live. And the nearest place where they can find shelter is our home. For almost a week I’ve been struggling with flies in the house. The moment I send them out, somehow they sneak back into the house.

Except their annoying buzzing, flies are leaving small fecal brown-black dots everywhere which are pretty hard to remove. Not to mention that my fruits were full of fly crap. Yeah, this is something I can’t bare at all!
Since this fly torment is pissing me off, I decided to cut the struggle and finding a way to get rid of them. So, I did!

Fly Tape is the best Fly Trap you can use

A fly tape is a tried and true method of gathering flies. However, there are definite pros and cons to using this sort of fly removal method.

If you’re not looking to kill the flies, you probably shouldn’t use fly tape. A fly tape will attract and trap flies, eventually killing them.

When the fly tape becomes too full of flies, you would remove it from your home and throw it away.

Other Effective Fly Traps

  • Start with an empty two-liter soda bottle and cut the top third cleanly off with scissors.
  • Then turn the top third upside down and put it over the open bottle, like a funnel and secure it with tape or staples.
  • Next, fill the bottom of the bottle with about half an inch of a melted sugar water mixture or another type of sweet sticky liquid and add in a few teaspoons of vinegar, preferably white vinegar.
  • When filling the bottle try and drip the sticky liquid down the edges of the funnel so that when the flies come towards the funnel, they will stick right from the start.
  • This makes it easy for flies to crawl inside, but very difficult for them to ever leave.

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