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How Can I Fix Scratches On Granite Countertops?

Yes, granite may be a hard surface but it can easily get scratched over time. No matter how careful you are scratches on granite are inevitable. Just so you know, granite measure 6 on Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest material available for countertops. In order to scratch granite you are definitely using object that are equally hard or harder than granite.

If you want to repair your scratched granite countertop without spending a fortune on professional help, then you are reading the right article.

Steps you need to take to repair scratches on granite countertops:

Soapy Water

For small scratches, use warm water, dish soap, and a towel to try buffing out the blemish. Many small scratches can be made invisible by simply cleaning and applying gentle pressure, especially on darker-colored granite. If this doesn’t fix it, try step two.

Resin Scratch Stick

A resin scratch stick will not hurt the polish, but it will make the scratch invisible. Take the resin scratch stick and scratch it across the blemish in the kitchen countertop. The stick will scratch off and should remove the damage. Rub with soapy water to finish. If ineffective, move to step three.

Steel Wool

If soapy water isn’t helpful, wet the affected area and use a #0000 grit steel wool to rub in small sections, increasing the pressure until you see results. Follow by rubbing with a rag and soapy water. Pay close attention and be careful not to press too hard, which can cause new scratches. If steel wool isn’t effective, try step four.

Diamond Sanding Block

A diamond sanding block or diamond sanding pad can fix many small to medium scratches in granite. Diamond is harder than granite, so you must be very careful while using this method to not scratch other areas. Start by wetting the countertop and using #500 grit diamond sandpaper, rubbing gently. Move up to finer grit as the scratch buffs out, then rub with soapy water when satisfied. If this is not enough, try the final step.

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