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Tricky-Tricks! How Do You Cover Up Scratches On Wooden Furniture?

I moved recently in my grandmother’s house and I started the restoration project. The house was built in the 70’s and even if it wasn’t refurbished since then, the house stands still. Great work, grandpa (he was the constructor of this cozy place)! As much as I love the 70’s, I can’t live in Eric Foreman’s house so, I had to redecorate it. Hence, I contracted some interior designers to play with my house and they’ve done a great job! Thank you, Wisconsin!

But, I was extremely happy when they refurbished grandma’s old furniture. They repaired each nick and scratch using some interesting household tricks which I would like to share with you, cyber friends!

Lemon juice for minor scratches
If the furniture has minor scratches just mix equal parts of lemon juice and vegetable oil then soak a clean lint cloth in the solution and start rubbing firmly in the same direction of the scratch until it disappears.

Nuts for deep scratch

Yes, this may sound odd, but with the help of a nut kernel you can rub the scratch until it’s gone.

Coffee grounds for dark wood
When dark wood is very demanding and scratches are light-colored on the wood. So moisten a Q-tip in coffee grounds and rub the scratch gently. Let it act for a few hours, and then apply some more.

Tea bags to color light scratches
Just steep a black tea bag in a few tablespoons of water for 2-3 minutes, and then dab the tea into the scratch with a cotton swab. Wipe the excess immediately with a paper towel. Repeat this procedure until the surface matches the color.

Eyebrow pencil for small scratches
Just take an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of the furniture surface and fill the scratch with it.

Wax crayons

If you have wax crayon that matches the color of the furniture use it to fill in the scratches. It’s perfect for deep scratches.

Iodine for deep scratches
You may cover light scratches by applying iodine with a fine brush in the scratch. Let it dry and apply more layers. Iodine can also be used for light wood if you mix equal amounts of denatured alcohol.

Shoe polish
Liquid form, paste form it doesn’t matter! Just use a brush and apply liquid shoe polish into the scratch or a cotton swab to apply the paste form. Be careful to choose the same shade.

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