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Take A Nap While Your Oven Cleans Itself Up!

I can’t say that I love cleaning the house, but it calms me down whenever I’m doing any repetitive task. Yeah, when you are a mother of three nasty kids you will apply any “calm down therapy”. As a housewife one of the dirtiest, better said stickiest job is cleaning …

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How To Get Old Grease Off Oven Racks

Every housewife knows that one of the most awful and obnoxious chore is cleaning a dirty oven. A few days ago I was telling you how to clean a dirty oven on the inside, effortlessly, but there’s more. The oven racks also get dirty and grimy over time and this …

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How To Clean The Glass Inside The Oven

Hands up who has not ever entered the cleaning kitchen oven crisis! Especially if you’re a chef and you know that the deposition of fat and oil do not forgive. Of housework, no doubt, this is one of the most difficult, but with the help of a few tips, you …

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