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How Do You Remove Water Rings From Vintage Coffee Table?

I was telling you in a previous article how I moved into my grandma’s house which was built in late 70’s. When the refurbish process begun, I decided to restore some of the old furniture and maintain that vintage aspect. So, I kept two nightstands, one dresser, the king-size bed …

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The Best Method To Clean Upholstered Chairs Properly

If you have upholstered chairs in your kitchen, then this article will definitely hit the spot. I know that upholstered chairs look amazing in the kitchen and in the dining room. However, they need to be cleaned quite often. There are constant accidents of spilling drinks or dropping food which …

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Best Ways To Clean Outdoor Cushions

The summer has arrived and it is the perfect time to spend outdoors. Especially when you have a beautiful patio, relaxing on the cushions is the best time of the day. However, because we are fully aware that outdoor cushions can get dirty really quick, they need to be cleaned …

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Easy Ways To Remove Rust Stains From Cutlery

Whenever you have guests, you need the good cutlery to go with the delicious dinner you just made. However, sometimes, you might notice there are some rust stains on it. That happens all the time, especially if you haven’t used them in a while. Hence, it can be quite a …

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How To Remove Water Marks From Wooden Table

Using coasters is definitely necessary if you want to avoid water rings. The wooden table makes these more visible, so it is hard to ignore them. Further, they will become harder and harder to remove over time, thereby ruining your lovely table. What is the most effective way to remove …

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How To Descale Your Coffee Maker With Citric Acid

In some areas, the hard water makes havoc on the electrical machines, especially the coffee machine and the kettle. Due to its high mineral content, it can cause a bad odor to the machines and it is not pleasant since we drink coffee or tea out of them. Not to …

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