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10 Tips For A Clean Bathroom

Most germs are hiding in the bathroom of the house. It is therefore very important to keep cleaning the bathroom to disinfect and to ventilate regularly. Here are some tricks to keep the bathroom clean month. – Before you start cleaning take a damp cloth or sponge and collect hairs …

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How To Clean Your Microwave In Only 5 Minutes

This method of cleaning the microwave is ideal. In only 5 minutes with the help of these products you will have absolutely your microwave … like new again! For microwave cleaning you need these ingredients: Vinegar Water 1 drop of essential oil (I recommend the lemon flavor) 1 microwave vessel …

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How To Get Rid Of Burnt Teflon Pans

Sometimes, we face the burnt teflon pans problem. Although the pots and pans are increasingly resistant to these injuries, if they are left a longer time on fire, there is no doubt they will burn, regardless the material they are made of. Cleaning teflon pans is quite complicated. You have …

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How To Get Rid Of Grease Stains On The Walls

Grease stains on the walls or ceiling are the most obnoxious! But don’t worry; there are a few tricks that would help you with their removal. These natural methods, proved to be very efficient, will get you rid of the grease stains on the walls. Besides being unsightly, they are …

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Top 5 Tips To Clean Kitchen Items

Your kitchen items get dirtier with a prolonged usage. Thus, there is important to know these few tips that I personally found to be very efficient to get the shiny and new look back! Here are top 5 tips to clean your kitchen items as naturally as possible: 1. Clean …

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How To Remove Unpleasant Odors From The Kitchen

Lemon is one of the most beloved fruit both by children and by adults, and its properties are amazing either for consume of for your home. Rich in vitamin C, lemon is extremely beneficial for those who are deficient in this vitamin essential to the body, and the antioxidant properties …

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